Attendance based on compulsorily aged children

  2014/15  2015/2016  2016/2017
Attendance rate                                      


 95.22%  95.10%

Children must attend school unless they are unwell or have a medical appointment. We encourage appointments at the dentist or doctors to be made out of school time. They must arrive by 8.55am.  If they are later than this they will miss important work.

Our school attendance last year was 95.22% and our target this year is 96% which is an acceptable figure for Ofsted. Each child’s attendance should be over 95%.  Any child whose attendance is below 90% is a serious case for concern unless there are diagnosed medical conditions.  Consequently, even if your child is ill, we will still be asking questions about their symptoms and we need them to return to school as soon as they are well enough.  Children recover from most illnesses after 2 to 3 days, so we will be asking questions if a child is absent for longer than this.  Please do not be offended, but we know that time off from school affects a child’s progress and we want every child to make as much progress as possible whilst at Wood End.

If your child is away, please phone and let us know by 9.30am. If you have not phoned by 9.30am we will phone you.  If we do not manage to speak to you or see you when your child returns you will receive a form to complete.  Please remember to put why your child was away in this section.

Please note that holidays vary between schools as teacher training days can be different. Absences because parents think the day is a holiday will be unauthorised.  No holidays will be granted during term time unless it is exceptional circumstances and only if a form is completed prior to the holiday.

The school will consider issuing fixed penalty notices to parents who continually keep their child away from school.


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