Achievement for All is a whole school improvement framework delivered in partnership with
schools, which aims to raise the aspirations, access and achievement of your child.

Why is the school working with Achievement for All?

The school wants to make sure all children achieve their best. We want to identify new
educational opportunities for children and young people to improve their achievement, their
enjoyment of school and their life chances.
How will you be involved?

  • You will be invited to attend a structured conversation meeting where you and your
    child's class teacher will look at what your child needs to learn better and how to
    make better progress.
  • At the structured conversation, you will be invited to tell the school what you hope
    your child will achieve.
  • You can also find out how you can work closely with the school and become more
    involved in your child's learning.

Please see below for our Achievement for All Press release and follow the link to the AFA web site.

April 2018 update

Staff, pupils and parents at Wood End First School in Stantonbury are thrilled that their
school has been awarded the Quality Lead Award from education charity Achievement for
All (AfA). This award acknowledges the work being done by the setting to improve the
progress that all pupils make in reading, writing and maths. Achievement for All offers
support programmes to schools and educational settings to help them improve outcomes in
the lowest achieving 20 per cent. Wood End First School has been working in partnership
with the charity since June 2013 and has seen an improvement in many areas. These
include engagement with parents, opportunities for children beyond the curriculum and
progress and attainment for all children – particularly those in vulnerable and disadvantaged
groups.Headteacher Claire Wilson said: “I have been leading on Achievement for All since
2013 and I cannot speak highly enough of the programme. The changes we have seen in
our school have been remarkable. “Our parents speak highly of our school and many regard
it as a family. Improvements have been made in all areas of the school and I am so proud of
our staff and children for all we have achieved over the past 5 years. To be awarded Quality
Lead status has given the recognition that I feel we deserve
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