Attendance is very important to us as Wood End.

Please read our leaflet for further information.

Covid-19 Absence Guidance

The current guidance (summer 2023) from the NHS and the DfE is:

  • If your child has mild symptoms and they feel well enough, then they can still come to school.
  • If your child has symptoms so bad that they don’t feel well enough to go to school and do their normal activities, then they should stay at home. (As always, please contact the school to tell us why they are absent.)
  • You do not have to test but you may choose to!
  • If your child has tested positive and they have symptoms, then they should try to isolate at home for 3 days (the day of the test counts as day 1 and they can return on day 4).
  • If someone else in your household has Covid, your child must still come to school.
  • If your child does not have symptoms and has not tested positive, please do not keep them at home as a preventative measure – this would be unauthorised absence.

Sources and further information:

NHS: Is my child too ill for school?

NHS: Covid-19 symptoms and what to do

DfE: What are the latest rules around Covid-19 in schools, colleges, nurseries and other education settings?