Curriculum Overview


The school provides experiences that encourage each child’s intellectual, social, physical, moral, emotional and religious development. The environment is stimulating and interesting, children are encouraged to be as independent as possible, and a variety of teaching and learning strategies are used.

The school sees practical first-hand experience as being very important to young children’s learning and also believes that play is an excellent way of achieving a greater understanding of many ideas. We pay attention to the more able children and plan work to stretch and interest those children. We also identify where children need more support and adapt our teaching to meet every child’s needs.

We are a Forest School and each week the children spend time in the outside learning environment. They take part in exciting activities that help them learn about the world around them and help develop their speaking and listening and social skills.


Please click the links below to see the Curriculum Overviews for different subject areas. (This is a work in progress and more are in the process of being added.)