F Ordering School Lunches

We prefer all lunches to be ordered using ParentMail. You can order them by viewing Accounts > Lunches.

ParentMail makes it much easier for Pre-School parents to organise payment (£2.45 per meal).

Meal ordering is now open for January-february 2024, please submit your orders as early as possible.

The deadline for ordering lunches is Tuesday midnight for meals to be eaten the following week. If you select meals on Parentmail after the Tuesday deadline (or during the school holidays for the first week back), this would be too late, the order has already been sent off and they can not be added on. You would then need to send a packed lunch for your child for the whole of that week.

The meat served is not halal, the vegetarian hot meal would be an alternative option.

If you order a hot meal, please do not send a packed lunch in addition, as having two lunches for a child causes confusion and upset at lunchtime.

How to Check What You’ve Ordered

1. Check the ParentMail app. At the top left of the screen there are three little lines. Tap these and a menu pops up. Select Accounts. Select Lunches. At the bottom right of the screen, it says Statements (very small text!) This takes you to the calendar month – tap on that and you can go into each individual day to see what you’ve requested.

2. Ask at the office. We can check and tell you what you’ve ordered.

School Lunches and Pupil Premium

All school-aged children at Wood End are eligible for universal free school meals. However your child may also be eligible for Pupil Premium. This is an important type of extra educational funding for the school. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium, this will also qualify them for free school meals when they grow older and move into Year 3. Please see the document below headed ‘Pupil Premium’ for more information and to find out how to apply, or how we can apply for you.

Form Pupil Premium Eligibility Check

Parent Guide Lunchboxes

Packed Lunches

Healthy Lunchboxes

Here are our guidelines regarding the contents of lunchboxes. Please try and keep to these as much as possible.
• No fizzy drinks and no sweets.
• No confectionary chocolate bars e.g. Mars Bars or pure chocolate. Biscuit-based chocolate is allowed, e.g. Twix, Penguin, etc. but we suggest fun-size rather than large bars.
• A sandwich/rice/pasta dish/roll or pastry item.
• A piece of fruit, dried fruit or veggie salad items (e.g. carrot sticks).
• A drink.
• Crisps are allowed but please not every day.
• Please do not send too much—one yoghurt and one piece of fruit is plenty.

Allergy Alert: No Nuts and No Nut Products

• You MUST NOT send any items containing nuts.
• Nuts can be hidden in surprising places, for example in chocolate spread or cereal bars. (It is possible to buy nut-free chocolate spread but of course there is no way for us to tell the difference, so this is still best avoided.)
• Be vigilant and make sure you check all ingredients lists carefully.
• Please take this very seriously. If a child or adult with a nut allergy comes into contact with nuts, the health consequences can be severe.

Forest School Whole Day Sessions

Once a half term, Foundation and KS1 will have a whole day session of Forest School, including lunch.

Upcoming dates: TBA

Lunch will be a jacket potato with a choice of toppings. (This differs from the meal options previously advertised on ParentMail for that day. If you order anything other than a jacket that day, your child will still get a jacket.) The lunches will be provided by our catering supplier. There will also be some other treats cooked over the campfire throughout the day! If you have any concerns regarding this, please speak to your child’s teacher.